But why does my pet need enzymes?

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Comfort Factor™ Joint
and Seasonal Allergy Support

Has 14 synergistic ingredients working together.
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Total-Zymes® and Total-Zymes Plus

Total-Zymes® with Pre-biotics and 16 digestive enzymes and Total-Zymes® Plus tablets Probiotics and Enzymes in one easy to use Tabs.  Buy Now>>>

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Our Pet Krill Oil

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NWC Naturals® Pet products have looked into many pet, dog and cat foods and treats.

Did you know that your pet could be getting added sugars and dairy products? This trend was noticed when at the largest pet expo in the US. There was so many pet treats and cookies with added sugar and dairy. So additional enzymes for pet were added to this already superior formula to handle this trend.

Digestive enzymes for pets are essential to good health of yourpet, because they enable the body to obtain nutrients from the pet food you feed them. Without digestive enzymes, even the most nutritious pet foods will not be of any use to the body.

NWC Naturals® has been formulating the Best digestive, Systemic enzymes and Probiotic supplements since 2003 for all dogs and cats .  We have the science, experience and expertise behind us. Formulated by John R. Taylor, ND, the author of The Wonder of Probiotics.

All of NWC Naturals® Pet Products are, high quality to help your pet get healthy and maintain overall wellness. 

It is very hard to digest cooked and processed food as it, so now with 16 vegetarian enzymes and prebiotics so you're pet can handle any type of treat or food.

Supports Your Pets Health, Naturally!

Enzymes are present in every cell in both plants and animals; and are responsible for regulating the biochemical reactions necessary to sustain life. By using, a supplemental enzyme on your dogs food you free up their body's digestive system. When enzymes are missing from your petsfood, the full burden of digestion falls on your pets own digestive system.

Enzymes, the literal "life force" of every bodily function and are essential for health.

Lifestyle changes for Pets

Weight control: Weight control is an important component of any pet with joint stiffness. Excess weight puts more pressure on the joints. Keep your pet fit and if they need be on a diet, your veterinarian should recommend a suitable diet for your pet.

Exercise Management: Exercise is an important component of keeping the joint moving. and help with your pet maintain a healthy weight. Dogs, cats and all pets should be taken for a daily walk and kept their mobility. Cats will benefit greatly from regular activity even if it is hard to do.

A little exercise taken frequently is recommended, so be prepared to wake up your feline or canine for a stroll about the house from time to time. Avoid letting him/her sleep in one place for hours.

Adequate Rest: Pets can greatly benefit with enough sleep. Some pets and many working animals do not get adequate rest for optimum healing. So give your pet time to rest to help them heal faster.

Attention: Most of all give your pet lots of love, attention and praise!

Not all supplements are a like.  Total-Zymes® and Comfort Factor™ :

• The Most Complete Digestive Enzyme Formulas Supports: 
• Smaller and firmer stools
• Healthy digestive system
• Healthy immune system
• Better Delivery of Nutrients
• Normal Bowel Movements
• Complying with AAFCO and NASC labeling guidelines

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Digestive Enzyme supplement for dogs and cats. With an Incredible 16 different plant based digestive enzymes.

• In a roasted peanut powder-base 
• Contains a superior enzyme formula
• Has 14 synergistic ingredients working together
• No Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfates
• Help support the normal inflammatory response
• SupportS Healthy Joints And Allergies In Your Pets
• The best type 2 collagen for superior joint support

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Complete Joint and Allergy Support Formula for your dog or cat. 

Using systemic enzymes in-between meals for your pet.

Comfort Factor™  Supports Healthy Joints And Allergies In Your Pets. By using the most comprehensive formula ever made by using the power of enzymes with super antioxidants like Turmeric (Curcumin) and herbs.

More powerful than Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate products.

The market is flooded with Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate products. But is this really the best supplements for our pets.

With Collagen type II:  
Think of collagen as the glue holding the contents of the body together. About one-third of the protein in your pet’s body is collagen. As your pets' body ages, collagen production slows down. It’s a natural supplement that helps to lubricate and protect connective tissues that support the hips and joints. It can also help to replenish your dog's natural collagen levels.

Our unique formula of Systemic Enzymes from Bromelain, Peptidase and Protease is why you’re pet can get the best support they ever had.

We only use the best ingredients all are AAFCO approved ingredients for safe use by dogs and cats. AAFCO: The People Behind Animal Feed and Pet Food safety. Also, we have the NASC Quality Seal. The National Animal Supplement Council is a nonprofit industry group dedicated to protecting and enhancing the health of companion animals in the U.S.

Not All supplements are created equal. Similar ingredients don’t mean similar quality. Look for the NASC Quality Seal on supplement labels to find companies that comply with the industry’s highest standers. As seen in Animal Wellness magazine.

Because of the high anti-oxidant properties, this makes this product better than Glucosamine and Chondroitin.

Proteolytic enzymes and Peptidase

These important proteolytic enzymes break down proteins (peptides and amino acids) for absorption into the body.

They also work systematically by breaking down foreign protein fragments.

Systemic Enzymes

Plant based enzymes like we use in all our products, can support the immune system, help support healthy joints, help with organic seasonal allergies, supports healthy skin.

Pets benefit from the addition of systemic enzymes orally for the support of a normal inflammatory response. The ingestion of blends of enzymes containing specific proteolytic enzymes such as bromelain are very effective.


Bromelain is most notable for its effectiveness in supporting as a systemic enzyme. Thus, the benefit of bromelain occurs over a broad range of use. Even small amounts are beneficial. A product with both enzymes, systemic as well as proteolytic will support overall health. Bromelain, taken orally, can breakdown foreign matter in the blood helping the body experience a normal cleanse.

It is the best value chewable tab joint support product on the market!

Can be used for post exercise recovery and occasional muscle soreness. Connective tissue support.

Eases joint stiffness due to normal daily exercise and activity.

Comfort Factor™:  will help breakdown and digest potential allergens such as tree, grass or weed pollens, flea bite saliva, dander, mold spores, dust, and dust mite feces and certain food allergens. Supports pets with seasonal allergies.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin just don't have the power.

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